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Let the professionals at Selk do the work for you!

We all know what painting does to add beauty, freshness, and protection to the exterior of your home. Have you thought about the benefits of interior paint? Here are the top five!

Increase the value of your home

  • Painting is simple and inexpensive.

  • Communicate to potential buyers that you take diligent care of your home.

  • If not thinking of selling now, a professional painting job can last up to 7 years.


Boost the mood of your home

  • Make your home a more comfortable and happier place. Perk it up with color.

  • Working out of your home/staying inside more often? Try a new color to make your environment more appealing.


Protect and prevent damage to your home

  • Most interior walls consist of materials that naturally absorb moisture. This can be a catalyst for mold growth. Ugh!

  • Paint is designed to seal out moisture from the porous walls of your home and protect their integrity.

  • High-quality paint used by our professionals acts as a protective barrier between you and your home…protects walls from everyday wear caused by pets, children, and ourselves!

Improve air quality in and around your Home

  • Paints we use have extremely low, or no VOC’s. Volatile Organic Compounds are carbon-containing substances that can easily become vapors or gasses.

  • Over time, VOC’s can cause respiratory or health problems.

  • If you have allergies, asthma, or sensitivity to chemicals, a fresh coat of low, or no VOC paint can be a benefit.

  • A fresh coat of paint keeps dust and allergens to a minimum which will improve your air quality even more.


Beautify your interior

  • Cover wall flaws with paint to make your home look refreshed and clean.

  • Bring your home up to date with new colors! We will help you roll it on!

shutterstock_785510305 (1).jpg

Yes, we at Selk love to operate “under pressure” … but our professionals stand ready to cut in and roll on the color for a fresh look to the interior of your home.


  • We use our own employees.

  • We use professional quality products.

  • We want you to be completely satisfied, always…and work hard to make it so!

If you are currently a pressure-washing customer…try us for painting!

If you are not a customer now, try any of our services.

We are here to help YOU!

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